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Sol y Rocio, vegetarian cafe

Hi everyone. A small observation for those of you trekking through the city. We've noticed that drivers are paying little attention to traffic lights as it gets closer to curfew. So, on top of the blind intersection turns, speeding and aggressive behavior behind the wheel, you'll want to be even more vigilant when crossing at an intersection.

We are still here. Still managing to stay calm through this lock down. Still doing deliveries everyday as well as some take out. We've added almonds and walnuts to our store front.

Here's a list of some of our products available for pick up or delivery:

Hummus 175 gr. $2.50

Tahini 150ml. $2.50

Tabouleh 200 gr. $3.

Falafel pack of 6 (frozen) $2.50

Blackbean mini burgers pack of 6 (frozen) $2.50

Quinoa mini burgers pack of 6 $2.50

Vegetarian empanadas pack of 4 (frozen) $4.50

Guacamole $2.50

Almond milk (1 Lier) $3.50 

Pacari Sal de Cuzco y Nibs chocolate bar $2.50

Chocolate Mousse (vegan) $2.50

Whole Vegan Carrot Cake (9" x 5") $14.

Half Vegan Carrot Cake (4.5" x 5") $8.

Almonds $6.75 lb, $3.75 1/2 lb, $2. (100gr)

Walnuts: $6.75 lb, $3.75 1/2 lb, $2. (100gr)

We have a restaurant menu as well which I'll try to post in the comment section asap. You can always check out our menus here:

and here

For an update on the Pandemic numbers, you can follow here:

How about this David Bowie, Annie Lennox and Queen celebrating Freddie Mercury with an amazing rendition of the song "Under Pressure":

Stay strong everyone!

April 14, 2020, Simon Bolivar 14 - 65 y Coronel Talbot, Cuenca, Ecuador

Sol y Rocio:  098 343 1272 / 096 252 6811