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Shrub 101, and 10% off: Bonobo Bob's

After our ancestors learned to make vinegar, they infused it with fresh herbs or fruit and then sweetened it for various uses.

These “shrubs,” at first preserved food and made particularly nasty stuff taste better.

Like rum smuggled into the colonies and submerged in the ocean for another ship to later retrieve. Shrubs were then used to improve the taste of the seawater tainted spirit.

In parts of the early United States, shrubs were often known as drinking vinegars - clear, bright, effervescent spritzers much healthier than sodas.

For example, 1oz of shrub, say ginger, in a 12 oz. glass of ice and carbonated water gives any store-bought ginger ale a run for its money, but only has 48 calories from sugar.

And, shrubs combine with EVOO for a wide array of sweet and sour vinaigrettes or marinades.

Then awhile back mixologists discovered shrubs, and they’ve been the cat’s meow in the craft cocktail circuit ever since.


The pure, intense, and concentrated flavors of shrubs mean less mix in your drink. You enjoy both the flavor of the shrub, and the liquor it’s enhancing.

And for those who don’t know, less sugar means less hangover if you press the night.

Easy, quick, and simple: shrubs enrich life.

10% off all orders over $20, and free delivery with orders over $30.

Request a complete product list of shrubs, shrub vinaigrettes and marinades, shrub cocktail mixes, full strength shrub mojitos and cocktails by the liter, and frozen food products.

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Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center
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Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center Coronel Talbot 8-34.