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Returning to Ecuador

I have seen several posts recently from people who are trying to return to Ecuador from another country, and a lot of conflicting information. I hope this will help.

The EC government, in conjunction with Ecuadorian embassies will assist with repatriation for EC citizens and permanent residents if you are in a vulnerable class: over 65, pregnant, disabled and children returning to their families.

We were in Mexico when the border was closed and our regular flights back were cancelled. This is what we did.

Contact the EC embassy closest to your location. In our case it was the office in Monterrey. They will direct you to the site to fill out a form to establish your eligibility. They will also tell you when, and from where a humanitarian flight.

Complete the form, sign and email it along with a copy of your passport. We included our cedula as well.

They will let you know when they receive the form. If you are approved, they will send the Authorization for Humanitarian Flight (in Spanish) within a few days, for us it was 3 days. At that time, you can book with the carrier they have arranged for the flight. In our case the flight was from Mexico City. We arranged our own flight from Mexicali to MX City at our own expense. The flight from MX City to Quito was $600 per person.

You will also send a list of approved hotels in your destination city where you are required to enter into a 14-day quarantine. Most of the hotels require payment for the entire stay at the time of booking.

Once you have the hotel booked, send a copy of the Authorization and hotel confirmation to the air carrier, in our case it was Aeroregional. You may be asked for this documentation more than once. Be sure to ask where to check in for the flight. We checked in at Air Italia because Aeroregional does not have a presence in MX City.

Check in 3 hours before your flight. You will be given many documents to fill out, some of them the same as you have already done, don't argue, just smile and do it again. Your temperature will be checked--more than once. Wear a mask and gloves.

Now, quarantine.

When you arrive at your destination airport, Quito or Gye, you will be escorted thru the airport by security personnel. You will then be put on a bus to go to your hotel, and there will be a police escort.

At the hotel you will be disinfected with spray, about the same as it seems to be when you go shopping.

You cannot leave the hotel room not even step into the hall unless it is an emergency like am earthquake or fire. Violation of this rule can result in 1-3 years in prison.

You will receive 3 meals to your room each day, we get no say in what they are, but usually typical Ecuadorian.

There is no entering the room for housekeeping, you receive towels and sheets, put the dirty ones into a plastic bag that will be held open for you by someone in full protective gear standing at the doorway.

Once per day someone will come by to check your temperature (and perhaps to see if your significant other is still alive or been suffocated in his sleep).

You can order from Glovo but it must be delivered to the desk. No smoking or alcohol allowed in the room, our hotel has a $100 fine per incident if you violate this rule.

Hope this helps. If not, at least I tried. Email me if you have questions. We are in our 8th day. I hope we both survive.

Oh, I think you can get assistance with transportation to your city of residence. We chose to get our own instead.

Louise Chavez: .

City: Cuenca