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Recommendation for Pei's Dumplings (and much more), Chinese food

For many ex-pat foodies here in Cuenca, it is a trying time to find any Chinese food, let alone home-style Chinese cooking. Restaurants are closed, but you still have that recognizable craving for the taste of Chinese food. Most of us haven't yet mastered the intricacies of Szechuan or Yunnan cooking, so whipping up a Chinese meal is only just a dream.

You will be happy to learn that help is at hand: Pei Zhou is at your service. She and her husband emigrated from China and have a son, a young toddler. Pei is an extremely talented chef, usually known for her delicious dumplings, which she makes with the filling of your choice: chicken, pork, or vegetables.

Pei also makes the most wonderfully- flavored main dishes, which are delivered by the trusty Luis, on his motorcycle.

Pei's large serving of hand-made noodles with vegetables is delicious, with a subtlety of tastes I have never eaten before. It is quite rare to find a chef who makes anything hand-made at all. But Pei does, and her noodles are exceptional.

Besides the three types of dumplings, pork, chicken, or vegetable she makes, Pei lists the main courses that are available now, each for $5:

Crispy stir-fried sliced potato, tossed with onions and garden vegetables;

Korean-style omelet, cut into cubes, flavored with carrots and spring onions;

Scrambled eggs with garden vegetables;

Handmade noodles with subtle flavors, blended with finely-chopped onions and carrots;

Fried eggplant with fresh tomatoes and sliced green beans;

Stir-fried cabbage with seasonal vegetables;

Egg omelet with tomatoes;

Bright green beans, stir-fried, seasoned with garlic and onions.

Each of these dishes is priced at $5, except for the dumplings, 10 to an order, which are $4--perfect for an appetizer. Delivery is $2 in the city.

Pei is amicable and flexible. If you have dietary preferences (a broccoli or green pepper allergy, perhaps?), she will happily accommodate.

Once Ecuador returns to sort-of normal, and shopping for ingredients becomes possible again, Pei will add back her brilliant seafood, pork, and meat main courses. She will let you know right here.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  099 253 6116

Recommended by Wendy Allen: