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Recommendation for Madeleine (Mady) Gonzalez, health insurance agent

Recommendation for Madeleine (Mady) Gonzalez - Health Insurance Agent, Cuenca, Ecuador
I want to give a recommendation for Madeleine Gonzalez for health insurance. My wife and I arrived in Ecuador in late February. We needed to complete Ecuadorian health insurance within 30 days due to our 2-year temporary Visa. Mady was highly recommended by a trusted person, and made the process simple. She met us at a cafe armed with our basic information that she had prepared and a choice of policies based upon our age and health. She went through all the options including how the system worked, online appointments, visiting doctors, and hospital stays. Her main recommendation was that if anything were to happen “just to give her a call”, and she would set up or facilitate the type of treatment needed Unknowing to us this came to fruition during the lockdown. My wife came down with a sinus infection. I remembered Mady’s words “just give her a call”. Well as everyone knows that statement doesn’t always hold up when the time comes from most businesses. We called Mady, and she immediately gave us the website and walked us through on the phone how to do an online doctor's consult. The process was quick and painless. The doctor spoke perfect English, knew what to ask and emailed my wife an online prescription. The prescription was also sent to the pharmacy, but delivery was backed up due to all the urgent needs in the area, and they were unable to deliver my wife's antibiotics and other medicines in a timely manner. Mady took it upon herself and sent out a person to go pick up the medication and deliver it to our home….. Every step of the process was made simple by her, and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for insurance in Ecuador. She is very knowledgeable, her English is excellent, and her personality made her a pleasure deal with.

Her contact information is:
Madeleine Gonzalez
098 630 4185

Recommended by Ricardo and Melanie Rivera

Recommended by Melanie and Ricardo Rivera: