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Recommendation for Bone-it's restaurant

I'd heard good things about Bone-ito's, so I placed a large order for pick up, because I'm from outside town, and wanted to stock up. My order was for 15 items! Because of the curfew, I also needed to leave Cuenca no later than 12:45. Not only did they meet my time constraints, they had everything labeled properly and packed carefully for the trip home. Once there, I sampled a little bit of each dish. It felt like the "Cure for the Curfew". I am amazed that they can do so many different dishes that well; everything was delicious, and that's just the Wednesday menu! Plus, while they were packing my order, I got a glimpse of their operation. It was like a well-oiled machine, with about 6 people cooking, wrapping, labeling, and packing. I got a very good feeling from them; you could tell they love what they're doing. It couldn't have been better.

Address: 1577 Rafael Maria Arizaga

Contact information:  098 078 6865

Recommended by Pete M: