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Recommendation for Adrian Puli, taxi, yellow

Last August I chanced to hail an English speaking taxi driver in Cuenca who drives responsibly. I asked for his name and number. I called him this month which is April.

I live up the mountain road Via Valle, towards El Valle and he was available to come to the house and drive me locally for some errands since no buses are running. He offered to do food shopping in Coral for me now that I am in quarantine. I accepted and wrote him a shopping list on WhatsApp. We set the date ahead 5 days to give me a chance to add items or alter the list. It worked out well as he checked with me from Cuenca on some items before purchasing. I asked for food and pharmacy items as well as hardware items, and told him it was okay if he didn't find everything. For payment I deposited money in his JEP account in case he didn't have enough cash for the more expensive hardware. I recommend his services. Use the phone number given or add it to your WhatsApp list.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  98 317 4142

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny: