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Pre-order craft beer from the Hop Factory, IPA is back

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Pre-order Craft beer from The Hop Factory. IPA is restocked

Enjoy our craft beer in the comfort of your home without leaving! Get your orders for Thursday delivery .... We need orders before * Wednesday * to build all deliveries. Currently, our only delivery day is Thursday, your order (minimum 6 beers) can be delivered from 8 AM to noon. $3 per bottle. We need all orders the day before delivery! Available IPA,Stout, Sour Stout, Amber, Pale Ale and Jamaica Shandy. The IPA has been restocked
We also have available: Coffee from Vilcabamba Café Doña Julita medium roast Gourmet $5 400g dark roast Premium $4 for 400g ( We are expecting a delivery Monday from Vilcabamba) All orders must be $18 for free delivery Black Honey is our fantastic coffee liquor. Very similar to Kahlua $15 per bottle 750 ml 16% abv. Thank you for supporting local.

Lisa Mauk: 098 777 8946

De la Bandera Nacional y Calle del Himno. Thursday, April 23