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Peters Deli Cuenca

1. Any Pork, Pork/Beef smoked sausage $17.95/Kg
Not smoked (fresh, in or without casings and including Italian Mama Mia $16.95/Kg
2. Any Chicken, Chicken/Turkey smoked sausage $18.95/Kg
Not smoked (fresh, in or without casings including and Italian Mama Mía $17.95/Kg
Important: #1 & #2 Flavors Available:
Mountain Fever (mild, full flavor, from Polish Mountains).
Campestre (Polish Countryside)
Polish Swojska (3rd generation family recipe)
Italian Mama Mia (Mild, Hot, just like in Italy).
3. Hunters sausage: Pork, Beef, Wild Game (1-2 times a year) All 100% natural, cured, smoked and dried.
No Refrigiration required.
4. Bacon: Cured for 14 days and cold smoked for 4 days.
available in whole or sliced. Delicious.
$24/Kg ($10.91/Lb).
5. Turkey Ham: 100% turkey breast, cured and Smoked.
Won’t disappoint. Any better than that would be a sin.
24.86/Kg (11.30/Lb).
6. Smoked Mozarella Cheese.
240gr. Package $4.10
7. Smoked Salmon (Cold Smoke, lox style)
8. Grouper: Hot Smoked, Delicate white fish taste, oily
great source of omega 3. Amazing.
9. Fresh Cheese: Smoked,
Best kept Polish Secret
100 Grams Packages $1.75
10. Chicken: Smoked whole chicken.
ready to serve, cold or hot.
$10.00 each
11. Capicolla: cured, smoked, aged copa. 100% natural
Italian original recipe
$69 Kg (31.36/Lb)
12. Smears : Salmon, Grouper flavors. Made with Cream Cheese
200Grams package $6.95
We deliver ( extra charges)
free delivery within City Center for orders over $25.
Credit Cards Accepted on purchases over $30.
Thank you all for support and patience
WhatsApp: 099 951 5617
tel: 099 951 5617
FB.# petersdeliahumados
Peters Deli Cuenca

April 28th, 2020, Remigio Tamariz 6-19, Cuenca

Peters Deli:  099 951 5617