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Monica Gonzaga facilitator

Yes it's true! in Azogues they are working, slowly but they do.

I have been working for many clients: Visas renovations, Temporal and permanent visa applications, Cancelling visas, but there are things cannot be finished until everything comes back to normal so they accepted the application but are on hold until everything necessary for this process is finished. Cancelling visas are doing ok so far. About extension visas: if you have everything they will accept the file online otherwise you have to keep waiting.

Do not worry anyway if you don’t finish it all. The ministry released a statement saying that there will be extensions and extra time for everybody to be able to fix the immigration situation. So all foreigners who are here in Ecuador will have the chance and time to finish it. So, don't fear if you can't do everything now. Of course later will be a lot of people trying to fix their situation and the ministerio will be so packed, so it will be great if start to do something at least begin the process.
If you need help, here I am to help everybody.

Monica Gonzaga has 5-years’ experience working with the expat community.

There are many things I can do for you:

I can do your residency visa, temporary or permanent, while you are in home resting and forget about Ecuador bureaucracy as well I can do your cedula the same for your driver license or any Issues you may have right now and just gives you headache. Car register is a big pain. I can help you on that too.

I can find the best place to live: I have Best Ecuador homes at your services to help you to find your dream place to buy rent or sale.

You wanted to bring your Container? Just contact me. I have the best for you when you decide that Ecuador is your destination, I am the one who facilitates your life in Ecuador.

Do not waste your money on inexperienced people, or experts that cost a lot and don’t solve anything at the end you have more troubles.

Are you tired of Ecuador?
Well I can help you to move out you to another Country. I have done many Residency visas for Other Countries, like Brasil ,Spain, Portugal , Mexico, Canada, etc. the world in your hands I can help you to move there just think about it "hassle free"

We can also negotiate your entire household goods if you don’t want to take with you.

This is what one of mine happy clients think of me:

Visas and other services we have:

*Temporary (Tourist) Visas and Extensions, Special Visas (have a hard case? just bring it to me)
*Temporary Residency Visas for Any Category (Pensioner, Investor, Professional, Work, Student etc.)
*Permanent Residency (After Two-Year Temp. Residency we can file your application when you are on your 21st month)
*Ecuadorian Police record (easy and fast )
*C├ędula Acquisition and Changes
*CD Renovations
*Visa Transfer (I suggest that only for the Permanent Visa, the temporary one does not need to worry, it will change to a new Visa soon, so it is better to wait and the permanent Visa, and it will already be in your new passport.
*Passport renovations USA and other countries.
*Driver Licenses
*Car Register (Matricula)
*Power Attorney (POA)* Sworn statement
* Last Will, Translation Notarization, not need a Lawyer do not waste your money or your time with them.

Gran Colombia 15-71 y Miguel Velez with appt only.

Monica G: