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Message to the haters

Why is it that people who want to post something - often useful information - are subjected to criticism and shaming on this site? Usually it is the same 4-5 users (or abusers, as the case may be), who are the ones making the derogatory and sarcastic comments, often of each other. This page was created as a service - to share information within the community. Why use it as one more way to divide and antagonize? Is there not enough of that already in the world these days?

If you do not have something useful to contribute, just move along...leave it be. Do not judge. Do not play censor. Correcting factually inaccurate information is one thing - forcing your opinion on others is another. Allow people to live their own lives and share/request information without your snarky comments. We are all adults, and we have different beliefs and opinions - to which we are all entitled. Stop trying to shame someone into thinking the way you do on their post. That doesn't make you smarter, it makes you the bully in the playground.

Just in the past few days, I have seen people jump all over others for requesting information about FedEx, for taking an animal off the street and trying to find a home for it, and offering contact information for someone to cut the grass. Really people? Are you so bored that you need to be in people's business constantly? Who are you to judge their rationale or need? Stop it! Live and let live.

Just had to get that off my chest. Have a nice day.

Mary Ann

City: Cuenca