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Liveable locations in Cuenca?

We are new here. I’m checking to see what other people are experiencing. We arrived just as the lockdown was getting ramped up. 

Our short-term apartment had a neighbor’s dog left to roam at night and started barking around 10 PM ending around 6 m. The neighbor two floors up had a small dog that barked from about 6 M until about 5 PM. (One evening the upstairs guy couldn't sleep so he took his precious dog on the terrace with him at 4 AM and let him bark continuously.)

We were able to get a long-term apartment. It’s fantastic. The neighbors German Shepard mix two floors down loves to bark from around 8:30 to about 11. It’s off and on (but mostly on), with sometimes continually for an hour plus. Our bedroom window faces his favorite direction to bark. So, sleep doesn’t start when we are tired and trying to sleep. Being old we are up early, not by choice. We have requested they work on quieting the dog at night but he is far from quiet. We are sleep deprived. Their two children love to play with the dog in the afternoon until evening. They scream. I mean scream. They wake me from the nap I really need because I am not able to sleep properly. With these confusing creative confinement restrictions, being stuck inside, lining up for groceries that aren’t inside the store I fear I’m going to lose my sanity. 

I understand the cultural thing of they don’t hear the dogs barking and the dogs protect the family by barking (the apartment is in a gated community with a 24 hr. guard) etc. . 

Is this just bad luck?
Are there places in the city where you can get sleep?
Are there buildings that don’t allow dogs?

Ron Snitzer: .

City: Cuenca