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Liquid probiotic

Vita biosa contains an herbal extract of 19 aromatic and medicinal herbs. Which have been fermented with a combination of 2 cultures of bifidobacteria and 6 different cultures of lactic acid bacteria.

During the fermentation process, lactic and acetic acid are formed. This causes the final product to be at a pH below 3.5. The low pH makes the product self-conserving.

Sugar free

When all the sugar is consumed by the microorganisms, the fermentation ends and the product is free or with very low sugar content.

GMO-free (GMO free)

The product does not contain any genetically modified organisms.

Recommended dose

15 ml before each meal

Without sugar, dairy, gluten or preservatives.

This product, like all those of plant origin, does not contain cholesterol.


500 milliliters



Home delivery only. 7 AM to 7 PM

Daniela: 099 732 9710