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important news for expats

News for residents who wanted to return to Ecuador and now notaries are open.

This Morning I just talked to a lady in the consulate of Atlanta, GA, USA. she says yes all the Ecuadorians and residents will be able to return to your country Ecuador, but need to wait first until Ecuador open the borders. So far, we are in Estado de excepción and alarm, so nothing yet. We must wait until first or second week of May she says when will be established the order and maybe open the borders to international flights so they can arrive to Ecuador again. This will be only to return Ecuadorians and residents, not visitors so far.
They have info in English too in case you need to contact them: 404 731 2163 (insisted if not answer at first )

Also follow them in facebook for more info
I also find out that you must get certificado de viaje first before you book your flight check what the Cancilleria says:…/
here the formulario certificado de viajero! Just to training this must be filled out in front of them:

According to the rules established by the COE, the only Ecuadorians or residents those who are authorized in priority to return to the country are this group of people:

Children and adolescents (under 18 years old)
Pregnant women
People with disabilities and catastrophic illnesses.
Seniors (over 65-years old)
People in pressing socio-economic situation
People with minor children who wish to return to their homes, taking care of family reunification and the constitutional principle of the best interests of the child.
Specialized personnel who contributed to the combat of COVID-19
Persons in the framework of economic, technical, judicial or migratory cooperation programs with other States or international organizations
Public officials who must return to the country after official trips on behalf of the Ecuadorian State, and
Exceptional cases authorized by the MREMH in consultation with the relevant public entities.

About Notaries:

For other side Notaries are back to work normally but slowly every day they have a new resolutions,from consejo de la Judicatura :
Consult your Notary since everyday they have the authorization new acts and contracts, so little by little they will to start work on different things.

At the beginning it was all relative to the sanitary emergency. For example now they start to attendant. For General powers Attorney (POA) only. 
also buying and selling paperwork, to access to the notary you can't just shows up as you used to do it before.

Now you have to contact via email to your notary and ask for appointments they will ask the paperwork for whatever you request they're services , after the notary checked and see all the paperwork you have, they will proceed to send you to your email ,a date and time for your appointment.

Then Monica Gonzaga facilitator will also start to establish her services little by little, so any paperwork you need to do it just email us and we make plans for do our business.
I remind you that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to serve normally online until they can open their offices
To avoid all the crowds that will be in the ministry once they're reactivate the activities, for that I recommend you, that better we start your procedures online now, I am at your services contact me now.
Visas and other services we have:

*Temporary (Tourist) Visas and Extensions, Special Visas (have a hard case? just bring it to me)
*Temporary Residency Visas for Any Category (Pensioner, Investor, Professional, Work, Student etc.)
*Permanent Residency (After Two-Year Temp. Residency we can file your application when you are on your 21st month)
*Ecuadorian Police record (easy and fast )
*Cédula Acquisition and Changes
*CD Renovations
*Visa Transfer (I suggest that only for the Permanent Visa, the temporary one does not need to worry, it will change to a new Visa soon, so it is better to wait and the permanent Visa, and it will already be in your new passport.
*Passport renovations USA and other countries.
*Driver Licenses
*Car Register (Matricula)
*Power Attorney (POA)* Sworn statement
* Last Will, Translation Notarization, not need a Lawyer do not waste your money or your time with them.

Gran Colombia 15-71 y Miguel Velez with appt only.

Monica G: