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Coronavirus COVID-19 latest update for (Sunday) April 18th, Ecuador

• As of the latest numbers released on April18, 2020, there are a total of 9,022 positives cases of COVID-19 in Ecuador.    

(6,150) Positive cases in Guayas /(Guayaquil )    
(794) Positive cases in Quito    
(304) Positive cases in Los Rios    
(274) Positive cases Manabi /(The Coast )    
(217) Positive cases in Cuenca    
(45) Positive cases in Bolivar    
(108) Positive cases in Chimborazo    
(247) Positive cases in El Oro    
(79) Positive cases in Santo Domingo    
(26) Positive cases in Morona Santiago    
(34) Positive cases in Sucumbios    
(125) Positive cases in Cañar    
(105) Positive cases in Loja    
(43) Positive cases in Imbabura    
(135) Positive cases in Santa Elena    
(51) Positive cases in Cotopaxi  
(66) Positive cases in Tungurahua  
(86) Positive cases in Esmeraldas    
(28) Positive cases in Carchi  
(18) Positive cases in Pastaza 
(53) Positive cases in Galapagos 
(17) Positive case in Zamora Chinchipe  
(9) new positive case in Orellana 

According to Ecuador Tv there are :
Total of (3) recovered and (456) deaths and 1.008 hospital discharge
(9,002) Cases suspicious unknown .
from the 456 deaths there's 16 from the US and 12 from Europe and 3 from Canada in all over Ecuador .

According to the news from people and doctors in Guayaquil there are :
10,939 deaths only in the last 45 days / 6,703 deaths in April until now
in Guayaquil every month they catch 2000 body in the street , there's 700 bodies awaiting to be buried

2020 in Guayaquil : 
February : 1,679 deaths / March : 4,236 deaths / April : 6,703 deaths .

my dear friends the situation here isn't as easy as you think the percentage of the mortality is higher than the percentage of the people who recovered and the 1.008 who are hospital discharge they're not fully recovered

Economically :
Ecuador is a wonderful country but we don't have a high medical supplement & support & Medicine will protect you in a high quality when you're sick like the US .
that's why we advise people to stay home.
Ecuador isn't like US. If you get this virus here it won't be easy for you to recover (helpless), unless you're lucky now as we know there's no medicine no vaccine for coronavirus (That's what makes it more dangerous) .

Let's pray for our families and friends and for all people in the world.


Cuenca /Azuay. 18th of April

Richard Jose Harrison: