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Clarification on Food Bank initiatives

There seem to be many questions appearing on social media from members of our expat community who want to help support local government services to the needy in Cuenca, especially around the Municipal Food Bank. Hogar de Esperanza works closely with the Municipality to coordinate the services we offer with theirs, to prevent duplication. We have reached out to our contacts at the Municipality, and would like to offer this clarification to those interested in supporting their initiatives.

There are basically three systems of support. Unfortunately, due to banking regulations, they do not have options for accepting donations through Paypal or credit card. The only way to financially support these Municipal initiatives is through their local bank account or by asking one of the foundations you trust to facilitate the donation.

The first two initiatives are Dar una Mano Ecuador and the Cuenca Municipal Food Bank. Dar una Mano Ecuador is a Federal initiative and the Municipal Food Bank is a Cuenca initiative. Both initiatives are funded by the government and by corporate donors, and they also accept private donations. Several organizations are accepting donations on behalf of expats for these initiatives.

The third initiative is headed by the Municipal Councilors of Cuenca and is called Cuenca Solidaria. As Hogar de Esperanza works with the Municipality, we strongly support this third initiative as it covers a range of the current needs assessed and determined by the Municipal Councilors. Within Cuenca Solidaria, there exist three types of support. The first is called Desayuno Solidario where, with donations they receive under Cuenca Solidaria, the Municipality provides breakfast foods (bread and milk) each morning to the many foundations in Cuenca who house residents in need. The second provides safety equipment and supplies to first responders and medical staff here in Cuenca. And the third provides support for the Municipal Food Bank in Cuenca.

If you would like to support the Cuenca Solidaria initiative, you can make a deposit directly to their JEP account, using account number 406127619804. If you donate through JEP, please let us know so we can help advise the Municipality of the deposit. You can also donate through our donation link by specifying that you wish your donation to go to Cuenca Solidaria, and we will be happy to pass it to them. Our donation link is:

Thank you for supporting those in need during this crisis. We are all in this together.

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca