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Chocolate (soy free, lactose free, gluten free)

Vegan Chocolate. Delicious refined cacao beans with different flavors. It does not contain chemicals, does not contain lactose, gluten or soy.


1. Nature: Ecuadorian Cacao beans, bar chocolates suitable for diabetics with coconut flavor.
* Premium Bar: 100 gr ($7)
* Quick bar: 50 gr ($4)
* promo: 3 premium bars for $10 and we give you a mini bar of another flavor.

2. Noon: fruit cacao beans, artisan chocolate 80% cacao flavored with honey.
* 50 gr bar: $4
* Promo: Take 3 bars of 50 gr in $10 and we will give you a mini bar of another flavor.

3. Empire: Artisan Chocolate with export quality cocoa made with 70% cacao, citrus and vanilla flavor.
* 50 gr bar: $5
* Promotion: For the purchase of more than two bars we give a mini bar of another flavor.

4. Castle: Cacao citrus aromas 80% contains sugar.
* 100 gr bar: $7
* 50 gr bar: $4

Payment Methods?
• Debit and credit card (through PayPal)
• Bank transfer (Produbanco, JEP cooperative and Banco Pichincha)
• Cash

We ship in Cuenca from 9:30 AM to 5 PM with a surcharge depending on the area where you live.
What are you waiting to try this delicious cocoa? 

Deliveries Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

WhatsApp: 098 413 3383 / 098 773 8532

April, Cuenca

Betsy: 098 413 3383