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C Virus info and warning

I felt compelled to write this post after I learned from some colleagues in the US that they have needed to hospitalize patients with liver failure following their use of Tylenol (also known as acetaminophen and paracetamol) to counteract fevers due to an infection. It was not clear if this was due to the present viral epidemic or what the dosage was.

The point I would like to make is that it is counterproductive to negate a fever associated with any kind of infection because fever is a basic attempt of your immune system to quell the infection. Bacteria and viruses are killed or neutralized by heat.

Sometimes the fever can get high like in the 103F -104F range which may frighten you but if you have an abundant intake of warm, non-sugar water, you should be able to control the fever. If not, a tepid shower or bath will also help to control the fever, Wear loose fitted and light clothing to help your body control the fever.

Another warning is to not use ibuprofen (also known as Motrin, Advil) for body aches because they may cause GI and kidney problems. These body aches are due to the formation of interferon, another immune system guardian which helps to neutralize infections. Our body, if it has a well-functioning immune system, will protect us from any infection.

In case you did not copy or read my previous posts on my suggestions to strengthen your immune system and prevent the C Virus beyond washing your hands and other hygienic activities, here they are for your perusal:

Vitamin A 10,000 iu daily with a fatty meal
Vitamin D 10,000 iu daily with a fatty meal
Vitamin C 4000 mg. daily
Zinc 50 mg. twice daily
Drink a liter or two of warm water daily
Cut out sugar and high carbohydrate intake
Stop being fearful which impacts your immune system negatively
If you feel like you are getting ill, please double up on the above dosages.

If you have any questions, please contact me by responding to this post.

Anthony Castiglia, MD

City: Cuenca