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Breakfast in the new world: Bonobo style

Hi Everyone,

Some ideas for those days at home when you want to cook, but not do the work.

We’ll carry the load; all you do is thaw, heat, and add the final touches.

For example,

Bonobo Bob’s Huevos Rancheros:

Heat up Bonobo Bob’s Refried Beans with Hatch Chilies (picante or normal) and Bonobo Bob’s deep-red Ranchero Sauce (picante). Fry a couple corn tortillas and eggs sunny side up, decorate your plate, and you’re a rockin’ in style.

Or, how about a traditional Ecuadorian Tigrillo with Seco de Carne (beef stew) and a fried egg on top?

We supply the frozen seco de carne and mashed green plantains (verdes), you heat the stew, sauté the verdes with a few fine chopped veggies, and fry a couple of eggs.

But maybe you’re an old salt, or one of the brat club, and SOS on toasted white bread is more your roll? Yeah, we got it. And made with onions, decent burger, real butter, and whole milk. 

Hungry for just carbs with your bacon and eggs? Fry up our frozen hash browns, llampingachos, or tortillas de papas.

And for those fiesta or post fiesta mornings, we deliver mojitos and other cocktails by the liter in a sealed bottle with Güitig and limes as needed. All you need is ice, a glass, and maybe someone to pour.

Please request a complete menu of our frozen foods, cocktails, shrubs, and vinaigrettes.

Order for next day delivery, but if you need it the same day, I’ll do what I can.

WhatsApp text or call: +099 447 0229

Bob Kezer
Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center
Coronel Talbot 8-34
099 447 0229

Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center Coronel Talbot 8-34.

Bob Kezer