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Bonobo Bob’s (almost gas free) frozen black beans

A pot of beans on the wood stove always brightened our deep winter Alaskan stay-at-home days.

But locked in at below 50 is a bit different: opening the window to air-out someone’s silent-but-deadly isn’t happening.

After de-gassing the beans and salting them at just the right time, I’d let them simmer adding more water as needed, until they were thick and soupy. Then top them with chopped crisp Walla Wallas and fresh jálepeño, add a squeeze of lime, and scoop them up with soft fried tortillas.

For several years while we lived subsistence, beans were one of the few treats on the table that I didn’t kill or that grew in our garden. And those beans enhanced meals so basic yet so extravagant that we never realized we were supposed to be poor.

But as life progressed (?) and less important things seemed to take on more and more priority, beans fell off the diet.

Because when we want beans, we want them now: but they take a day to prep, and at least for me, I’m catching my rabbit for tonight and worrying about tomorrow’s when the time comes.

The answer?

Stock up on Bonobo Bob's cooked frozen black beans, spicy Hatch Chili refried beans, and other basic and nutritious but time-consuming products.

Request a complete product list of shrubs, shrub fruit juices, shrub vinaigrettes and marinades, shrub cocktail mixes, pickled garlic and pickled jálepeño, full strength shrub mojitos and cocktails by the liter, and frozen food products like our spicy chicken breakfast sausage.

What’sap text: +099 447 0229 or

Bob Kezer
Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center
Coronel Talbot 8-34
099 447 0229

Bonobo Bob’s Shrub Research Center Coronel Talbot 8-34.

Bob Kezer: