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An opera for children made by children in the Digital Room of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra

This Saturday, April 18 at 6 PM we have a wonderful gift for children: the children's opera El Quinde, el Fuego y el Gigante, 'Kinti, Nina, Hatunpash', its name in kichwa, by Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo, which was recorded on June 1, 2019 and was held within the framework of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, a program promoted by the UN and coordinated by UNESCO since some fragments of the opera were adapted to this language.

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This concert will also be broadcast on UNSIÓN TV Comunidad, Channel 25 as well as on its Facebook: We appreciate this important support.

The Quinde, the Fire and the Giant is a story based on one of the legends of the Shuar warrior people of our Amazon, for whom fire is the sustenance of life, but a wicked giant steals fire causing great fear, anguish and intense cold. The town and the animals of the place summon a sage, the Quinde (Kinti), who sets out to rescue the fire by convincing the giant to stop being "evil" and return him. A staging of children for children that excited attendees large and small and that was also enjoyed by students from bilingual schools in the province of Cañar.

A great effort that brings together many talents with the libretto by Fernando Moncayo, composition and direction by Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo and the participation of the Children's Choir of the José María Rodríguez College of Arts.
Children's Choir Director: María Eugenia Arias.
Scenic Director: Belén Ochoa.
Vocal Preparer: Jorge Regalado.
Assistant Choral Director and Pianist: Thom Coker.
Protagonists: Inés Calle and Denisse Narváez - Mikoa, Josué and Gabriel Regalado - Pandama, José Daniel Madero and David Segarra - Yambinga, Odalis Brito and Dayana Arcentales - Himbuí, Santiago Arévalo - El Sol, Héctor Rondón - El Gigante.
Translation and adaptation to Kichwa: Senaida Pomavilla.
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