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A personal message from Hogar de Esperanza

This post is going to be a little personal. I cannot express enough gratitude for all those who have helped us out during this COVID-19 emergency, and the 100 expats who have supported us so far. I have a committed team of Ecuadorians who, without their dedication and support, I would never be able to do anything. There is incredible pressure and responsibility on me to care for all these people and they look up to me and depend on me. I have to protect them and care for them. Most of them have no one else.

My problem is that I feel too much. When they hurt, I hurt. I feel for every one of them. We have seen a lot of very tough situations over the past few weeks. Children eating out of the garbage, and grown men sitting on the sidewalk crying because they have nowhere to go and nothing to eat. Some of them were beaten by the police for being outside past curfew, but they had nowhere else to go.

When a mother calls and is crying because she has nothing to feed her baby or needs medications, I am going to send her what she needs. We have provided shoes for the homeless, and clothing and food for poor individuals and families struggling during the crisis. Working with the Ministry of Health, we have taken in cancer patients. We have provided food and other supplies for one of the homeless shelters in the city. We now have 28 people living in the house.

Sometimes, I do too much, but that is how it is. I will keep doing it. It is who I am and I am too old to change now! With many organizations having to close their doors during this difficult time, there is now even more demand for our services.

I cannot do it without you. You are the one who is feeding that baby...You are the one who is wiping the tears from that desperate man's face. I just carry the stress of it all and I don't mind a bit. Thank you all for your support which helps us to help those most in need, who are really hurting and struggling right now. We can only get through this one way – together.

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca