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Understand Spanish better instantly

Are you having trouble understanding Spanish speakers?

I know, they speak really fast and don't always annunciate things properly, or at least not as we tend to learn them...

You know, as the textbooks, apps or even many language courses present them to us.

Oops, you didn't know?

The written Spanish you learn can in many cases vary significantly from what you actually hear people saying in the casual conversations that happen around you daily.

That's no different from English though, how often do we actually say, "I don't know"? We don't. Instead, we say, "I dunno".

The same thing happens in Spanish.

For example, numbers...

Sixty two = Sesenta y dos (pronounced: /seh-SEHN-tah-ee-dos/)

But that's not how it's said in real life.

This is how Spanish speakers actually say it in real, day-to-day conversations...

Sesentaydos (pronouned: /seh-SEHNT-eye-dos/)

They mush the three words together and the "ee" sound (for the Spanish "i") is no longer pronounced. It becomes more of an English "i" sound - just as we would say "eye"... seh-sent-eye-dos.

So how do you overcome this and actually learn the real way people speak so you're able to understand more in less time?

Well, you could either live in a Spanish speaking country and make a conscious effort to look for regular speaking opportunities that allow you to challenge yourself to hear and try new ways of saying things. Later, seek help for the areas that you still haven't been able to make sense of from consistent exposure and for feedback.

Then, repeat this again several times for several months...

Or, you could just book a free strategy session with me to see if you'd be a good fit for my 12-Week Spanish Fluency Boot Camp.

I have developed this online program designed to help you overcome frustration by learning to think in real, everyday Spanish so that you can have more effective, meaningful and fluid conversations.

The program consists of:

- Fun and comfortable conversations with native speakers from North, Central and South America
- Live, personalized feedback and lessons (reviews of your conversations - to focus on what you need help with most)
- The creation of your own, customized daily action plan packed with proven fluency techniques and strategies
- The neuroscience of learning a foreign language so that you can understand how your brain's natural learning process take place, in order to create a brain friendly learning environment that accelerates your results.
and more!

To learn more and see if my 12-Week Fluency Boot Camp is a good fit for you, visit to book your free consultation with me.

Spots are limited, so book today.