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Stay humble people

- 238 women a day, are killed.
- 36,000 people a day are forced to flee their homes.
- 24,600 people die every day from hunger, and 820 million people do not have enough food to eat.
- 10,000 people die daily because they do not have access to medical care.
- 6,000 people die daily from accidents or work-related illnesses.
- 2,191 people die by suicide every day.
- 1,643 people die every day due to tobacco.
- 740 pedestrians are killed on the roads every day.
- 998 million women have suffered sexual violence.
- At any time, 40.3 million people are working in some type of forced labor or marriage.
- A forest area the size of the United Kingdom is destroyed every year.
- There are 150 million people without a place to live.
- 1,660 people die from cancer every day.

50 people die from Corona Virus every day.

Keepin' it real

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