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Problems with packages in Quito Office D'echange International, Ecuador

Hi there, I sent a package to my family in Ecuador. I knew that it would arrive in Quito then they would transfer it to Ambato and my family would pick up from the main mail office in Ambato. In the package, I sent included: reading glasses, vitamins, skin cream, and small solar lights. the weight of the package was no more than 10 pounds (4.5 kgs). After one month in Quito Office D'echange International, Ecuador they called my family saying it was overweight by 1g, so then they wouldn't give the cream nor the vitamins, later my family received another call saying they wouldn't' give the glasses or the vitamins but the rest yes, later another call saying that my family should come to fill the paperwork. They were told to fill it "saying that you are returning the package to the original country or the package would be declared in abandon."

Before I have sent six times the weight and my family received the package with no issues. I did this until one time my family members called me saying "don't send anything, they overcharged me for each pound. I paid more than $200 (two hundred dollars to receive the package)." After that, I didn't send anything for a long time and because of that, when I sent the package in January, 2020, I made sure I sent the smallest package that I had ever sent to Ecuador.

I went to complain to the Consul General of Ecuador in Washington DC with Dr. Eduardo Claderon. I explained everything, and he told me "they want to steal the package. Who is going to pay for the return of the package?", and together with his secretary we checked the internet for the rules in the Quito Office D'echange International, Ecuador. It's stated online that they can receive weight up to 30kg (about 66 pounds).

Please help me. What can I do?

David: .

City: Ambato