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Last day, free Kindle novel. (No Kindle device necessary.)

If you don't have a Kindle: Amazon offers free Kindle reading apps for your computer or phone. Or, you can access your Kindle library through your browser with Kindle Cloud. What better way to give the apps or the Kindle Cloud service a try but with a free book? (Hint.)

"Beach Bum Beer-Swigging Bunny" A love story-- Bunny Morris, a man who loves his solitary life. Marilyn Renton, who upends it all by reminding him there might be more-- Amazon Kindle edition--FREE until midnight PST, Wednesday, March 25 (10 PM our time.) To get it, go to, click on the book cover (bright yellow. You might manufacture a molecule of Vitamin D just looking at it!) You can read the description, read an excerpt, or just click the Amazon button and order. It's free. Yours forever. Nothing to lose. As long as you get it by Wednesday.

(This is my last post for now, so allow me to say: take care; be well. As the old irony says, "We live in interesting times.") Free at until Wednesday, March 25, 10 PM

Bruce James Wilkinson