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JAG Branding, Ecuador

By beginning our operation in New York City, we gained the experience and grit to perform the most advanced branding and marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses. Our CEO and President began his career in branding and marketing at his family's restaurant in the early 1990’s and their web development studio in the late 90's. With a background in fine art, cartooning and illustration he injected a creative approach to an analytical business model. As the years progressed, it became abundantly clear to us that we needed to adapt our services to accommodate more than just the web development needs of our clients if we were truly going to help them grow their businesses. Later, with the introduction of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and dozens of other third party platforms, too many small businesses were getting caught up trying to manage these things on their own. This Do-It-Yourself approach almost 100% of the time creates inadequate results and conflicts with the time and energy required to actually run a business. Our passion for doing amazing work while helping the small, independently owned businesses in the world to compete with the ever-growing stranglehold that large corporations have over the marketshare in their respective sectors is what drives us. There is a need to constantly evolve and adapt our branding strategies in today's technological and highly competitive age. Being equal parts creative and analytical is the bedrock of our modus operandi and it is this formula that drives consistent results for the clients who stick with us. The world is evolving. Technology is rapidly changing the landscape. There is an old saying “Evolve or Dissolve”. We are the brand evolution agency. Evolve with us.

Address: Edificio Bupa, 301, Manta.

Joe Giamportone: 099 378 1570 / 098 696 4707