GringoPost | Ecuador: Facilitator or attorney for migratory processes?

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Facilitator or attorney for migratory processes?

A facilitator will help you getting things done but only the way they learned by seeing others do them and settle for advice.
A lawyer will advise you correctly according to his professional training and according to the law.

A facilitator, if encountered any problems in the process and can’t get through them, will need to find someone’s advice and guidance, which could hold the process.
An attorney, if any problem occurs during the process will find a legal way to solve it.

A facilitator can be good company, but he is not a professional executor.
An attorney is a professional executor of your needs and will do it according to the law.

If something went wrong with a facilitator, you will need to pursue professional help anyway, which will result in more time, more money and more energy expended. And there is no further institution to go to if there was a problem.

A lawyer follows a contract and is compelled to fulfill it on time. Also, they are under a Government Institution called Judicial Council which may impose penalties.

Keep your residency and money in good terms, pursue professional advice for your migratory matters. You’ll be glad you did it.

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