GringoPost | Ecuador: Fabulous opening on Wednesday for fiber art lovers

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Fabulous opening on Wednesday for fiber art lovers

"Material Voices" Exhibition

Featuring 4 women artists:

Lynn Mizono
Rommie Gerber-Reddington
Mónica Malo Piedra
Berenice Cárdenas

An exhibition of handwovens, shibori, felting, and beadwork in the form of art, accessories, clothing and raw meters.

Exhibition is at idiomART, voted the Best Art Gallery in 2020.

Free Event

Fashion modeling, appetizers, music and cash bar.

About the artists . . .

Lynn Mizono

Born in San Francisco, California., Lynn Mizono is a self-taught designer. She founded her own design and manufacturing company, under the label, ‘MIZONO' in 1981 and remained in business in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 30 years. Her designs have been featured in stores such as Nordstrom, the renowned art to wear boutique, Obiko, and on the online store, Artful Home. Her designs have also been sold through the Vogue Pattern Co.

As an extremely shy and awkward adolescent, clothing became Lynn’s most vital form of communication. Her clothing is much more than adornment, but rather a means of calling out to people on a more profound level. "Many of my deepest and long-lasting relationships have sprung directly from the clothes I wear."

The cloth is her medium and point of departure for all of her designs. Her design process is largely “informed spontaneity”. She describes her clothing as a wearable mobile sculpture. The wearer becomes integral in the completion of the work by simply inhabiting the piece or by shape-shifting the clothing into any number of possibilities.

Rommie Gerber-Reddington

Rommie has a lifelong passion for all things tactile. She works exclusively with natural fabrics and fibers such as wools, silks, cotton and linens.

She uses ancient and ethnic techniques such as felting, weaving, knitting, etc. to create wearable items, which are flattering and comfortable for every body shape, The bold and contrasting patterns are achieved using traditional techniques such as Shibori, hand painting, stenciling, etc. Her wearable art pieces are all individually designed and crafted.

Mónica Malo Piedra

Mónica Malo Piedra is an artist and expert in textile design. She has conducted numerous studies and seminars on ancestral traditions and crafts with the aim of recovering the Andean cultural identity for nearly 32 years and held workshops with the Uruguayan teacher Carlos Bermúdez and the Instituto Ítalo Americano de la Seda (CIDAP). Mónica has also done internships in Italy and Venezuela.

In her work in textiles, she uses wool, alpaca, sheep, silk, linen, cotton and natural fibers. All done with spinning and natural dry cleaning: vegetable and animal. Her weaves use various ancestral techniques in various types of looms, applying the techniques with a contemporary and contemporary approach.

Berenice Cárdenas

Art historian and curator Berenice Cárdenas is an expert in embroidery. With an MA from the University of Chile, Berenice has studied, as well, at the University of Maryland and worked at the Museum of Fine Art in Santiago and at MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art of North Miami).

The exhibition will continue through March 27 at idiomART. Regular gallery hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Wednesday, March 4, from 4 to 7 PM, free idiomART is located at Presidente Córdova 1-77 between Manuel Vega and Miguel Angel Estrella, in el Centro., Cuenca.