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Darling Chance - Please help us give him the last chance he deserves

On Sunday I was on a bus coming home from church. I passed a dog lying on the side of the road who looked like it needed help. I got off the bus and approached the dog. He was moaning in pain and people and cars were just passing him by. He was unable to get up and was skin and bones. It was a Sunday so many vets were not open. I had no money for a cab and my phone was dying. Luckily, I was able to reach Jo Austin who came to the rescue with a vet.

Yesterday we moved the dog who we are calling Chance to our regular vet. X-rays show that Chance’s injuries are old. The vet says he has not been able to walk for a while, so it is impossible he walked himself to the side of that road.

Someone must have dumped him there. Friday Chance had surgery on his hip. He is 11-years old. We don't know if Chance has ever experienced love in his life but we are determined to get him healthy and find him a loving human who will love him for the rest of his days.

Chance’s vet bill is going to be very high. The first vet bill was $150 and his surgery and rest of his bill will be close to $500. We already owe our vet close to $500 in previous vet bills. He is being treated by dr. Gallardo who is on Remigio Crespo y Guayas Cuenca.

If you would like to meet Chance and drop off a cash donation please do so at the vet clinic. We also need someone to sponsor the many dogs who are also in need of surgeries. Bella who is a gentle big mush showed up at my house about a week ago. She is cut up and must have had some type of embedded collar that someone removed. The area around her neck is left open and she needs medicine so it does not infect. Bella is already sterilized.

I believe her total vet bill may be close to $140. Lulu has a tumor that she needs removed. Dr. Gallardo said the surgery will be $50. Jingles the pitbull has cherry eye and developed a rash. The surgery and medication will be $100. I am not sure how much the treatment of the rash will be. Scott is in need of an allergy shot and Felix still needs to be sterilized, dewormed and given flea meds. All of that will cost around $80. If you can sponsor a dog, donate to this GoFundMe, drop off a cash donation or share this post it will be very much appreciated.

Photos will be posted this morning.

Jo Austin: 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca