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Last day to get your free probiotic rich natural yogurt

Today is your last day to order to get in on the first round of The Great Yogurt Giveaway.

DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings) will be giving away 50 pairs of 100ml bottles of the best yogurt on the planet on a first-come first-served basis.

Cream’O’Gurt Yogurt, by Melody of Plants, is made from organic milk. It’s pasteurized to only @85 degrees C to preserve alive the natural desirable bacteria found in the milk. The bacteria culture comes from Europe. There are 250 billion live cultures in a 1-liter bottle and 13 different bacterial strains. Melody of Plants worked long and hard to perfect it.

The recommended daily dose of live bacteria for health maintenance is 5 – 12 billion. Each 100ml bottle of your free yogurt contains twice that amount, 25 billion live bacteria!! This is in the area of medicinal dosing, even more beneficial for people with serious illnesses.

Eating quality live yogurt will help boost our immune system. With the spread of the coronavirus there are things we can do as individuals, and things we have no control over. We can wash our hands regularly. We can prepare our homes with basic food and supplies in case we can’t or shouldn’t go out for some time. And we can choose to improve our immune health. Eating quality live yogurt daily will help us do just that.

Cream’O’Gurt Yogurt kills 4 birds with 1 stone.
1. It boosts immunity
2. It provides sustenance
3. It tastes awesome
4. And it supports local organic farmers and businesses (like DEFY and Melody of Plants)

It comes in 12 different flavors plus Plain: Apple and Cinnamon, Banana, Blackberry, Coconut, Coconut with Panela, Mango, Naranjilla, Passionfruit,
Peach, Pineapple, Soursop, and Strawberry.

For this round of the Great Yogurt Giveaway, you get to vote on which 2 flavors you’d like to try. Email me at before 9 PM Thursday March 5th (today!) letting me know you want your 2 yogurts, and which 2 flavors you prefer. The majority will rule. There will be a small $0.25 deposit for each bottle ($0.50 for the 2), refundable when you make your next order of any product from DEFY.

There are 3 ways you can get your yogurt after you’ve order it:
1. Pick it up from me at the Feria at Common Grounds Restaurant on Saturday March 14th.
2. I can deliver it to your home by bicycle that same week-end for a small $2 or $2.50 charge depending on where you live. Or you can get free delivery with your DEFY order (email me asking for the DEFY product order sheet)
3. Or you can pick it up from my place (3 blocks from Banco Central).

You can copy and paste this link in your browser: to go to my Facebook Page: Defy for Life to find out more about me and my business DEFY.

Shoot me an email to get your free Cream’O’Gurt Yogurt. What do you have to lose?

Thursday March 5th at 9 PM, Free, Jesus Arriaga 4-69, Cuenca.