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Best way to learn about Skype's updated usage

I went to Skype Help but they are limiting workers in the help section. I take Spanish lessons via Skype and I use the Chat Panel only. Today I messed up and got every word my teacher said in captions. This was useless because I can't read as fast as he speaks and the translation was useless because the Skype site did not have a handle on this feature so both English and Spanish words were spelled ridiculously incorrectly. I could hear the speaker through my headphones (Plantonics on Mac) and it was disturbing to have this incorrect caption typing as he spoke right in front of his face. There was no obvious way to shut it off, and I don't know how I started it up on my screen in the first place.

Secondly, I could close the list of my contacts on the left, and the Chat Window on the right was tiny; smaller than the last time we did the lesson, and too small to read or follow. This was the area where he was personally typing the language we were studying. It was full size in our previous meeting.

I use WhatsApp for replies with the number and name entered below.

Suzanne Cerny: 510 717 9375. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca