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Anti-bacterial/anti-viral skin sanitizer and wound dressing gel

Anti-bacterial/anti-viral skin sanitizer (hand/body) and wound dressing gel for sale.

Studies on the ingredients, we selected uniquely for this product, prove their ability to combat and eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi and protect the skin from further contamination for several hours unlike any alcohol-based hand/skin sanitizers.

Indications of use:
Acts as a skin sanitizer killing up to 99.99% of pathogens.
As a wound dressing gel, it can be used on any type of open wounds such as burns, ulcers, incisions, lacerations, herpes, abrasions, etc. It is also highly recommended for eczemas, acne or any kind of skin rashes.
Does not irritate or dry out the skin.

Comes in two sizes: 100 ml for $19.90 and 50 ml for $11.90.
Current prices are short term, introductory prices to help the GringoPost community against the threat of COVID-19. Please understand that this offer is not sustainable for the long term and take this opportunity to protect yourself and your close ones.

Ingredients: 79.5% colloidal silver (minimum 35 ppm), extra virgin coconut oil, tea tree oil, vegetable based glycerin


We also offer:
Augmented colloidal silver solution (min. 30 ppm) 30 ml for $15
Augmented colloidal silver solution (min. 50 ppm) 30 ml for $18

Laser-tested, pH optimized, low photo-sensitivity, no residues, stabilizers or preservatives, non-toxic, 100% natural

Zinc oxide ointment:
Made with naturally obtained zinc oxide, this creamy ointment provides essential care for sensitive and acne prone skin. Formulated with intelligent ingredients helping to instantly soothe sensation of discomfort, irritation, tingling or itching skin.
The price is $30 for 30 ml jar.

For more information please contact us on WhatsApp or via e-mail.

Free deliveries all over Cuenca on orders above $25. Sunday through Thursday

Dr. Ada & Stella: 098 164 5922