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A few words of appreciation

In these challenging times, it's easy for each of us to get sucked into our own tiny orbits. I'm certainly guilty of that at times. We all surely appreciate the efforts, risks and sacrifices that medical personnel and other first responders bear these days. But let's certainly not forget the hard-working, brave, and stressed-out folks at the grocery stores and other essential businesses which continue to serve us on the "front lines" and in close-quarters during this tough period. 

As we all do our part these days by being extra-considerate and mindful, we can also remind the cashier at Supermaxi (for example) that we really appreciate and admire them for their service and support: "Muchas gracias por todos lo que ustedes hacen para nosotros; admiro mucho su valor y labor." (Clearly, my Spanish is not great, but hopefully it conveys the point.) I reckon they'd appreciate kind words, especially now.

And a big virtual applause to the folks at GringoPost that keep this forum going these days, providing a ray of normalcy in many of our up-ended lives right now. Thank you all. Please continue to provide this valuable daily feed.

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