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Treatment of trauma and PTSD

What is trauma?

Trauma is severe psychological distress resulting from a terrible life event such as abuse, war, or a life-threatening event. Symptoms include depression, anxiety, hypervigilance, sadness or PTSD. A person might also experience severe disruption in personal and professional relationships, sleep patterns, low self-worth, and severe stress.

Working with trauma is a highly specialized area of psychological practice. I have explicit training, supervision, and clinical experience working directly, and perhaps almost exclusively, with trauma with both adults and children.

Most people make the decision to seek therapy because they are experiencing significant difficulties in their lives. If you are experiencing these difficulties and are committed to working in therapy, I can help.

I am starting a limited practice for the treatment of trauma and PTSD. You can contact me at or 593 99 529 2381(WhatsApp).

Therapy will be provided in your home. Call or write for an appointment.

Vanessa Watts