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Recommendation for Fanny Sarmiento, audiologist at GAES Benjamin

If you think you may have hearing loss, or, if you have been wearing hearing aids for a long time, I highly recommend GAES Benjamin and audiologist Fanny Sarmiento. Fanny speaks English.

At GAES Benjamin, I recently replaced hearing aids I had worn for seven years. The audio test that I was given at GAES was far more comprehensive than the ones I had previously in the US. A variety of hearing aids are available, some with tinnitus relief!

My new hearing aids (same brand as my old ones) are much more advanced; the technology has progressed greatly in the past seven years. They are more comfortable and easier to use. And I’m sure having a more comprehensive test led to better customization for my hearing loss. I can now understand my Spanish teacher!

In my visits to GAES, I have learned more from Fanny about hearing loss, how to protect my hearing, and how to take care of the instruments than I did in the past seven years. 

I should have come to Cuenca seven years ago for hearing aids! I highly recommend Fanny Sarmiento and the staff at GAES Benjamin.

Address: GAES Benjamin Benjamin de la Cadena 1-71 y Daniel Cordova (Very close to Ave. Solano and 12 de Abril), Cuenca

Contact information: Telf.: 282 2852 Cel: 099 511 7826

Recommended by Wanda Warming: