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Pet and house sitting by a former military officer

Hi, I'm Javier Vanegas, and I'm promoting my dad, Javier Vanegas, also, as pet sitter. He's from Venezuela and he's a retired Army colonel (of the Venezuelan Army).

Unfortunately, due to his age and type of career, his job options are pretty much zero in this town.
He already worked for a good client and acquaintance of mine when I wasn't able to fill in the days he needed. He did excellently and I'm sure my former client will recommend him 100% (as he has done so already for other small gigs).

My father is an organized and clean person, he definitely gets along with dogs and cats and he is very alert to security issues and doesn't give any chances for local criminals to catch him by surprise.
He speaks decent English and can understand instructions for whatever your pet needs.
The only thing we ask is that on some days, when it's needed, that you allow my special needs brother to accompany my dad (especially if he is to spend the nights there) as I sometimes can't cook due to work schedule.

No matter what, you'll have a 2-man team after your pets and home, as I'm always in communication with my dad and I will provide any assistance he needs at a given moment.

Our rate is of $20 a day, and we can provide discounts on stays of over 5 days.

Your house and pets will be well cared for and your home will be clean and safe.

Miguel Heredia 2-26. Call any time and day after 8:30 AM

Javier Vanegas: 098 954 6281