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Permaculture Center Sumak Kawsay

Dear Friends, Centro Permacultural Sumak Kawsay, Cuenca, Ecuador, offers you the service of Evaluation, Permacultural Holistic Design and Regenerative Agriculture, advice or administration of all kinds of urban, rural or productive spaces on a small or large scale.

Permaculture is derived from “Agriculture and Permanent Culture”, and is the science that allows, based on observation and analysis to mimic patterns and relationships in nature and satisfy human needs, designing an integrated system (Garden, Terrace, Land, Farm, etc.) where each element (House, orchard, greenhouse, nursery, pond, water tank, edible forest, etc.) is located in the best position relative to the urban or natural environment, fulfilling different functions to increase resources (refuge, food, fibers), conserve or create energy (Solar Light, Wind, Water, Thermal Mass, Microclimate) and reduce or eliminate pollution and waste; under ethics and design principles for conscious landscape planning.

Our services cover the design in all types of spaces and climates, in urban, rural or productive area, of all sizes, small or large scale.

We develop projects oriented to self-sufficiency under a Sustainable approach, promoting diverse natural systems, inclusive of endemic and native species, promoting regeneration, integration of landscape with impacts improve the quality of life, in a harmonious and natural beauty environment to achieve returns and savings for users.

We carry out corresponding studies and analyses to design the space, in order to deliver a design report (Permacultural Master Plan), with the strategies that lead to holistic regeneration.

According to the needs of the client, we handle comprehensively or in a specific area of ​​the projects, with a follow-up of the entire process, planning, analysis, development, maintenance, monitoring, and implement the possible improvements that can go Emerging.

Layered Integral Design Services:
- Weather analysis
- Tophograpy
- Water, Biotic and Structural Design
- Renewable energy analysis and design (Solar Panels, Eolic)
- BioConstruction (COB, Adobe, Super Adobe, Bamboo, etc.)
- BioFertilizers (Compost, Biols)

Ideal for farms, agricultural companies, ecovillages, ecolodges and, for all those people who want their gardens and urban orchards with a Holistic design.

Challuabamba, Nulti, Cuenca.

Andres Batres: 099 328 5714 andresbatres