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Monica Gonzaga, facilitator

Monica Gonzaga has 5-years’ experience working with the Expats Community.

There is many things I can do for you:

I can do your residency visa, Temporal or permanent , while you are in home resting and forget about Ecuador bureaucracy as well I can do your cedula the same for your driver license or any Issues you may have right now and just gives you headache. car register is a big pain I can help you on that too.

I can find the best place to live: I have Best Ecuador homes at your services to help you to find your dreamed place to buy rent or sale.

You wanted to bring your Container? Just contact me. I have the best for you when you decide that Ecuador is your destination, I am the one who facilitates your life in Ecuador.

Do not waste your money on inexperienced people, or experts that cost a lot and don’t solve anything at the end you have more troubles.

Are you tired of Ecuador?
Well I can help you to move out you to another Country. I have done many Residency visas for Other Countries, like Brasil ,Spain, Portugal , Mexico, Canada etc the world in your hands I can help you to move there just think about it "hassle free" ,
we can also negotiate your entire household goods if you dont wanted to take with you.

This is what one of mine happy clients think of me:

Visas and other services we have:

*Temporary (Tourist) Visas and Extensions, Special Visas (have a hard case? just bring it to me)
*Temporary Residency Visas for Any Category (Pensioner, Investor, Professional, Work, Student etc.)
*Permanent Residency (After Two-Year Temp. Residency we can file your application when you are on your 21st month)
*Ecuadorian Police record (easy and fast )
*Cédula Acquisition and Changes
*CD Renovations
*Visa Transfer (I suggest that only for the Permanent Visa, the temporary one does not need to worry, it will change to a new Visa soon, so it is better to wait and the permanent Visa, and it will already be in your new passport.
*Passport renovations USA and other countries.
*Driver Licenses
*Car Register (Matricula)
*Power Attorney (POA)* Sworn statement
* Last Will, Translation Notarization, not need a Lawyer do not waste your money or your time with them.

Gran Colombia 15-71 y Miguel Velez, only with appointment.

Monica Gonzaga: 098 384 1691