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Food delivery

Lasagnas: $4 each one
* Fresh pasta made with: spinach, tomato or basil
Filling: chicken, beef, ricotta and spinach or veggie.
* Eggplant, zucchini, potato or plantains instead of pasta and the filling the same above.
* MIni Quiches with spinach, mushrooms band optional chicken. $1.80.
* Mini Pizzas with cheese and peppers. $1.50 ($0.50 for extra ingredients)
* Cream pumpkin soup with chicken: $2.50
* Kibbeh (baked) with tabule and Arabian Bread: $4. Or kibbeh 1 lb. $4.50.
* Raviolis (spinach, tomato or natural) filled with: ricotta and spinach, spinach and mushrooms or beef. 300grs $4.
Basil pesto with olive oil, parmesan cheese $4.

Please place the order 48 hours before you need the delivery.

Every day, Av de la Independencia Ciudadela Calderon

Rosemary Rodriguez:  099 879 2985