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EcuaChakana Journeys, monthly February calendar schedule

Ecua Chakana Journeys

February 2020 monthly calendar schedule
Happy Valentines Day…

We will be inaugurating another one of Cuenca’s hidden treasures –“Casa Montalvo-Merchan Family”
You might have walked right past this home in the Centro. Now Sonia Merchan is going to open the doors of her family home (6 generations) and share with us her family history beginning with her great grandmother.

Cuenca’s Hidden Treasures on Monday, February 10th and Thursday, February 27th at 11 AM – 2 PM aprox....both days.

If you would like to come discover and explore with us this amazing architectural treasure full of family history, afterwards we will be going to lunch at a charming restaurant.

Hope you can join us. Reserve please, spaces are limited.

We have our Wednesday specials; value $35 per person (require 5 people)

Wed-Feb 5th: Artesanal Journey - Chordeleg & Gualaceo
Wed-Feb 12th: Arquelogical Journey - Cojitambo & Ingapirca
Wed-Feb 19th: Arquelogical Journey – Chobshi Cave & Cañari Fortress Duma(Sig-Sig)

Tuesday February 4th: Complimentary free walking city tour
Explore with us Cuencas Hidden Treasures, we will show you the interior of Architectural Jewels of our World Cultural Heritage site Cuenca during our walk plus share with you history of our enchanting city...

Friday, February 7th: Complimentary Free Walking City Tour
Explore with us Cuenca’s Hidden Treasures. We will show you the interior of Architectural Jewels of our World Heritage City during our walk.. plus share with you history of our enchanting city...

Saturday February 8th: ReforestationProject /BBQ Shiquill(Gualaceo)

We will be doing a BBQ fundraiser at Shiquill…which will enable us to take a step forward into developing this project. Come enjoy nature, BBQ and afterwards we will be able to plant some native species of trees and shrubs on the property. This is the initial or first step for awakening community awareness. For further info, contact Martin Avila.

Thursday, February 13th: Kushi Waira Cañari Community (Tarqui)

Imagine walking through a primary forest learning, seeing, and touching the medicinal plants that our Cañari ancestors & healers have used for centuries to heal their people. Taita Alfonso is going to share with us this wisdom /knowledge of native species of plants and the Cañari culture…
Learn about our culture, we will share with you our ancestral wisdom plus for lunch a “Pampamesa”
(food on a white tablecloth on the ground, where we will all share our meal. This is an ancestral legacy in rural areas and is still maintained as part of community life.) on one of our sacred mountains…

Want to learn more about the indigenous peoples of the area?
Do you enjoy "hands on" experiences over just reading about it?

Our cultural and tourism programs allow you to take home something that will last a lifetime, memories. Join us on this incredible journey.

Monday, February 17th: EcuaGenera Orchid Farm Full Day

A family company specializing in the production and conservation of orchid species, tropical plants and hybrids.
Come discover the amazing diversity of orchids in Ecuador.

Let’s spend an incredible day and indulge ourselves with natures rejuvenating energy. Give yourself a relax day with the Pachmama and learn about our Orquideas.
(Includes: Transportation, guide, biologist guide at Ecua Genera, visit of greenhouses and Lunch)

Thursday, February 20th: Pablo Cordero Ceramist and Lunch

In 2014, some of Pablo Cordero's work was selected to represent Ecuador in the recognition of UNESCO excellence for handicrafts.
Pablo Cordero is going to open the doors of his home gallery where we will be able to see him working on creating these beautiful ceramic pieces. You will be able to purchase or order them for your home. Also if you like you can help in created or decorating/painting your own pieces.
Sculptures: they represent characters and scenes from the different regions of Ecuador.
High relief ceramic-representations: A representation of faces of Ecuador and Architecture that are icons in Ecuador reflected in high relief, it is used to identify those sculpted figures.

Wednesday, February 26th: Free Museum Tour – Remigio Crespo Toral – Culturas Aborigenes
Pumapungo ( 3 museums)

Friday, Feb 28th: Happy Fruit-AgroEcological Finca & Ruta del Cacao (Arenillas,Province del Oro)

Happy Trail: An ideal journey for nature lovers who want to know more about sustainable development options. Along this 1.5 km route, you will learn about agroeocology, dry forestry and its conservation; plus there social commitment project. You’ll also get to harvest some plants, bite into fresh fruits, and indulge in the organic, gourmet products from our farm.

Cacao and tasting (workshop): Discover this delicious step-by-step journey from cocoa to chocolate! you can experience the full process from planting the cocoa cob and tasting its raw fruit; to ferment, sun-drying, and roasting the cocoa nibs. Then you’ll get to make cocoa paste fondue! Enjoy it with dried fruits, superfoods, spices, and fresh fruits. Finally, indulge in other gourmet alternatives specially made in Finca Happy Fruit.

Spaces are limited. Reservations please.

Saturday. February 29th: WaterFalls of Giron – Busa Lake & Yunquilla Valley

We start our day driving through the Tarqui Valley. The first stop will be at one of the most important historical places of the independence battles. From here you will be able to appreciate the beautiful Andes landscape.

El Chorro de Giron waterfall an amazing area of cloud forest covered in bromeliads, orchids and soft green moss walk thru lush vegetation to reach the cascades, a 250 foot high waterfall.

Come with us to a magical place where we will be able to enjoy our Pachamama with this breath taking waterfalls. Afterwards we will head to the Enchanted “Busa Lake”. The taitas/elders say that our ancestosr Cañari worshiped their deities here, “They worshiped the feathered snake, known as the mother of mankind. The lagoon is loaded with myths, "everyone has a different experience, on full moon nights or when there is fog, some have observed beings, which are perhaps the spirits of our ancestors."

Afterwards we head towards the Yunguilla Valley with a warmer climate and a very short rainy season. It is one of the warmest areas in the province (1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level) and its characterized by its cultivation of sugar cane and fruit trees. Here we will see how they extract “Guarpo”(sugarcane juice) and get a taste or “Mapanagua”(with a little moonshine).

Hope this month’s calendar -Schedule can assist you and you can join us on our journeys…

Values starting from $35 per person.
Includes: transportation, guide (21 yrs. experience), lunch and entrance fees.
We can also create a unique journey for family and friends.
Have a great month. Blessings.

Please, for further information on any of our Journeys, contact,
Info: Martin Avila

Luis Cordero 5-65 (Hotel Vieja Mansion). February, 2020

Martin Avila:  098 898 5695 / 099 524 6166