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Manglares Churute, bird watching and sun with Adrian Aguirre

Thursday, January 30

We will start this fantastic day at 8 AM from Plaza Otorongo, please bring warm clothes to start the day because our first stop will be the higher point at the National Park El Cajas call Tres Cruces, after a short walk and small snack ( not breakfast this time so please have your own at home ) we will carry on our trip down to the coast ( 2 hours) until our destination point the Reserva Ecologica Manglares Churute here is when you dont need warm clothes anymore because we will enjoy the heat of the cost.

The Reserve forms part of the interior estuary of the Gulf of Guayaquil, where the saline waters of the ocean and the sweets contributed by rivers such as Taura, Churute, Cañar and Naranjal are mixed. The contribution of sediments, along with marine currents, have formed an extensive complex of channels and islands.

Of the totality of the Reserve, 35,000 ha correspond to mangroves, 5,500 ha to dry, semi-deciduous and humid forests, in the hills of El Mate, Cimalón, Perequete Chico, Perequete Grande, Pancho Diablo and Masvale, and 8,883 ha comprise the wetland of the El Canclón lagoon and the agricultural areas of the communes that are in the interior of the Reserve. Within the Reserve there are some human settlements that are dedicated to agricultural and livestock activities.

We will meet our Guide naturalist and take the boat, to start our adventure of bird watching. monkeys and plants, nice easy walks

But this time of the year we will find mosquitos so please don’t wear black clothes, wear long sleeve trousers and shirts and bring repellent

For lunch we will go to Cabañas Los Girasoles where after lunch we will enjoy a visit to a Cacao plantation where we will discover a bit more about this fantastic fruit.

For lunch we will have a traditional soup made with green bananas call Caldo de Bolas follow by a choice of: Smoked tilapia, or chicken or beef, so please let me know your preference and rice pudding for dessert

We will be back to Cuenca by 7 PM, long day but Fantastic day learning a bit more about this great country, your country.

$50 pp all inclusive (transport, guide, food, boat, visit to the reserva)

If you want to join us please send an email to:, fb reservation are not taken as reservations

Thursday January 30, Churute

Soledad Riquetti Carrasco