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Introduction to emotional balance through your body

Would you like to have control over your emotions?

There is an intimate relationship between your thoughts, emotions and the positions you take in your daily life activities. If you govern your feelings properly, and know how to interpret and relate effectively to the feelings of others, you will enjoy an advantageous situation in all areas of your life.

Do you want to know the relationship between your emotions and your body postures?

To do this we must know the evolution of our brains, in which first the brain stem develops with the instinctive and vital reactions; then the limbic system with the emotions and the unconscious control of posture; finally the cerebral cortex with rationality. That is, by controlling your posture and performing exercises to do so you will be able to manage your emotions more easily.

So, do you want to know how to improve your emotional balance by training?
Sign up for our introductory workshop on emotional balance through your body

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Course Investment $20

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Topics to be covered:
Goleman's EQ
Quadrant of emotions
Activation of power positions
Yoga to balance muscle tension, relaxation and connection with oneself

Fernandina 1-20, Cuenca. Saturday, 18 January at 10 AM.

Gonzalo Malvar:  097 864 2085