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Flying back with my dog to the US

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if someone can help clear some doubts as to making the right decision for my dog to fly back with me. I have a German Shepherd. She's around 6-years old. Her health is great, very active and a sweetheart. Now after reading some posts online I saw that all airlines have different policies regarding flying your pet out to the US. I see size and weight are definitely considered so I’m going to automatically assume my babygirl will be flying below and need all the vaccines and certifications as well.


I want to first make sure it’s safe. I came across my first two posts which mentions some dogs have died from air flying and other have been injured. This of course alarmed me a bit because I wouldn't not want to risk my dog’s life.

Also, as to pricing, how much does it cost? (Different sites give me different results. Perhaps someone see has a more precise idea of all of this.)

If someone has experience flying with larger dogs please feel free to email me or text me giving me any advice possible. As some know our pets are our family.

My # has WhatsApp or my email is fine. Thank you so much.

Mark: 099 377 7411. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca