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Cuenca Express Courier Service

Hello all,

We are still accepting orders for our January trip. The Dallas Delivery Deadline is 1/25/20 and we will be returning to Cuenca on 1/29, actually probably arrive on 1/31.

Our website is up and running at If you would like to place an order, here's the process:

1) Go to our website and click the Sign Up button - If you already have an account just Click Login

2) After you are Logged In, click Place Order and follow the instructions.

3) After you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation email. In fact, during the process, you will receive four different emails:

a) Confirmation Email
b) Shipment \eceived in Dallas Email
c) Shipment Leaving Dallas for Cuenca
d) Shipment Arrived in Dallas and Delivery Needs to be Scheduled.

1) Pricing is $8 a pound and all items will be combined to calculate weight.
2) There is an 8 oz minimum but after that, it's simply total ounces x 50 cents an ounce = $8
3) There is a $10 Order handling fee for up to 10 items. If you have more, give me a call and we will work something out.

Please Note: The following items are sold out this trip

1) We are already maxed out on supplements and vitamins for January. Any orders placed after today for vitamins or supplements will be shipped on the February trip.

2) Also can't accept orders for cell phones or computers on the January trip so those will be shipped in February as well.

Free Delivery in Cuenca: I think I will actually be arriving in Cuenca on 1/30/20 and will begin delivering on 1/31.

If we can help with any questions or concerns about special items, please give us a call.


Steve Feuerbacher: 095 927 9375 or 214 377 0589