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Cameron Kayce, M.Ed, LMT. massage therapist

Someone asked me the other day if I am retiring. She said “rumor has it, that you are retiring”.
No, I am not retiring. I can honestly say that after being in practice for 35 years, I still love my work.
I only work part-time, as I do not want to do more than 15 massages a week, but I usually can fit you in without too long of a wait.

As I say I have been doing massage for 35 years, deep-tissue neuromuscular, and relaxing massage. I have been licensed in 3 states, FL, AZ and CT. I have worked on many famous people, including The Bee Gees, I have been voted “best massage therapist” by GringoPost readers for the last 6 years in a row, ever since they began the voting. Who is say who is “The Best”? The best for whom? You need to find someone who is “Best” for you. I do an eclectic massage, meaning I use a combination of styles, a melange of techniques. I like to work just below the pain threshold, for maximum therapeutic value without causing pain. I like to individualize the session to the client’s needs.

My fees are $30/ Hr, $35/75 min, and $40/90 min.
I have a heated table and use essential oils
I do not do house calls, unless you have a massage table, plus I charge travel time.

I am located at Mariscal Lamar y Caspicara, near SuperMaxi Las Americas, behind El Punto..

Cameron Kayce: 099 987 4417