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Corned beef, bacon and assorted fresh sausages

December 2019 – Deliveries . Hello Cuenca!

Please note:

Mirador San Jose, Puerto Cayo and Puerto Lopez orders are due on or before December 13th for delivery December 16th, 2019.

Bahia and Canoa area orders are due on or before December 15th for Delivery in Bahia on December 20th, 2019.

Manta area orders are due by December 15th for delivery Dec. 18th.

Cuenca area orders are due on or before Dec. 15th for delivery on December 19th. Also please check with Alberto Telf: 099 436 6885 at Hotel Casa Ordonez for products we currently have in stock that do not require advance ordering.

Local orders for Crucita, San Jacinto, San Clemente vicinity will be made on the weekend of December 21st & 22nd or by special arrangement.

Any other areas like Ambato, Quito, Guayaquil and more I will need to make special delivery arrangements and will contact you directly.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Listed below are the current products we routinely prepare.

Our customary process is to offer our products in your area. We then take orders for a few weeks before actually making the products. We do this because we want our products to be as fresh as possible. We do not want product sitting in a freezer, getting shoved to the back and getting freezer burned.

Some areas have distributors and they have limited supplies of products on hand. Usually we take orders in those areas and the next month their shipment will have your customized order. Those areas usually have a small supply of extra product for those who are just finding out about us or decided they want more.

If our products are not currently available in your area, ask us! Often when we can get a few people/ orders in an area, I will ship.

Our sausage varieties are: 1. Country Breakfast Mild or Hot. These are the typical taste and blend of spices most state fair recipes or homemade sausage contained. 2. Better than JD Blend Breakfast Sausage. He was a famous singer but much more known for his great sausages ...An absolute favorite sausage in the United States and as the name says. this is better than JD. It is available in Mild or Hot. 3. Southern Sage Breakfast sausage is very popular in the Southern United States although today one will find it everywhere this type sausage is sold. The sage is not overwhelming. But a subtle flavorful addition to the other herbs and spices. It is available in Mild or Hot but bear in mind that when Hot is ordered, it can overpower the taste of the sage. 4. Canadian Maple Breakfast Sausage is very popular with not only our Canadian friends but also with folks from the Northern United States and/or Ecuadorian friends and Neighbors. It is a subtle blend of spice and sweetness without being over the top on either. It is available in both Mild and Hot but we tend to lean toward Mild as a recommendation because hot can easily overwhelm the delicate maple flavor. 5. Italian Sausage is the perfect lunch or dinner sausage and is a fabulous addition to many recipes. It is available in sweet/mild or hot. Sweet and mild are both terms for the same flavor according to the cooking encyclopedias. What makes it Italian is the anise and fennel. If you want it with more basil for more sweetness or with more hot pepper ..please ask and we will always try to accommodate. 6. Chorizo is not the chorizo already found here. Our Chorizo is pure high-grade pork. Pure means all high quality loma or loins. This is Mexican style Chorizo and is highly seasoned even in its mild form. It is available in Mild or hot but consider trying it in mild, unless you really, really like hot

All of our meat is supplied by a high quality and well known Ecuadorian Meat Purveyor. They are high end products and natural, not filled with by products, fillers and chemicals.

These fresh, all natural, sausages can stay in the refrigerator for several days but should be frozen if more than that.

All of our sausages are available in Bulk (1 pound packages of ground meat) $7.50 per pound or in Links (with edible casings) $8.50 per pound.

Tip for the day. I personally buy the bulk sausage to make patties. I partially freeze it. Then I use a serrated edge knife and cut slices 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. I then take 2 or three of the slices and use a zip lock and freeze. In that way you do not need to thaw a whole pound just to have a few patties...

Next up is Corned Beef. Our Corned Beefs are renowned in Ecuador and consistently rated 5 stars out of 5 stars.

They are seasoned and brined to perfection and are delivered to you ready to cook. No additional seasoning needed. For best results, always cook low and slow, meaning low temperature and long cooking time. Cook low and slow adding your cabbage, carrots or potatoes in the last hour, and guaranteed. Low and slow produces "fork" tender corned beef.

They are available by size. We try to provide the size or closest to the size you prefer in anything from approx. 2 1/2 pounds to as much as 5 1/2 or larger. Sometimes, the butcher slips and a 2 1/2 might need to be a 3, we try to get close to what you prefer but can't always. I promise we are not trying to upcharge you but guessing the weight up front is not an exact science.

Corned beef is $8 per pound.

Tip - I usually make 4 plus pounds for just the two of us. I have an electric cook top and I boil my corned beef for 6 hours on the lowest temperature I can. Yes 5 hours and then add my cabbage and potatoes. If you cook on gas...probably an hour less cooking time. Any leftovers, are slices and three slices per Ziplock, they are frozen for the future. Thaw and microwave for 45 seconds max for a great sandwich...or treat yourself to a Reuben the next day. Recipe for Reuben available.

The corned beef uncooked can stay in refrigeration for 4 to 5 weeks due to being cured meat. If not using in that time, freeze and can stay frozen for up to 5 months.

Lastly, for the moment are our bacons. 1. Sugar Cure Bacon - Imagine bacon with the texture of home - if home bacon is traditionally North American. It is made using Pork Belly and therefor has some fat. To cure bacon, fat is needed and it is that fat that really attracts the seasoning and allows it to absorb into the meat. After one or two attempts we were able to obtain the perfect ratio of fat to meat, assuring meatier bacon with adequate fat to produce wonderful sugar cure bacon. Sugar cure still has salt but used a lower quantity of salt replaced by the sugar cure. It is extremely tasty. Be sure to cook it low and slow because due to the sugar, the bacon will be caramelizing as it cooks. If it cooks too fast it will look burned, it'll taste great but look burned. If a slab is a little fattier, behind the scenes, a pound that you order is closer to 1 1/4 you are getting more meat.

2. Back End Canadian Style Bacon is leaner. It is made from the lomo fina of pork. It is lean and a different shape, more a slice than the traditional bacon strip. The Canadian bacon is a different cure and has a slightly different taste, just a tad of sweetness, but then again, you know that ..because it is Canadian. Please Note This product is also produced in limited quantity.

3) Canadian Maple is a great tasting bacon seasoned with maple crystals imported from Canada. It is always in limited supply.

4) Burnt Ends are the trimmings from the bacon when we slice it. They are very good tasting, but not in pretty neat slices - plainly speaking it is bits and ends. It is wonderful for cooking like any bacon, snacks or to flavor other dishes like beans, green beans, soups, salads and more.

Our bacons are cured and therefore safe in the refrigerator for a few a week or more but always better to freeze where it can stay for approx. 5 months.

Regular Bacon is $8 per pound sold in pound packages. Canadian Bacon is $9 per pound and sold in pound packages. Maple Crystal Bacon $9.50 per pound. Bacon Burnt Ends are sold in 1 lb. packages and are $4 per package.
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Order now for December 19th delivery, Hotel Casa Ordonez

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