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USA Valet updates, revisions and other news

When Jane and I decided to take up our courier business in May of his year our plan was to provide a dependable and reasonably priced service that could truly improve the Cuenca experience. We priced our services in a way that we thought was fair and would enable us to sustain our business. As a result, we grew at an amazing rate, for which we thank our regular and new customers. 

This amazing growth was not without growing pains, however, and the road has not been without a few pot holes. There was some learning involved. We have reached the place where some changes will be necessary to continue as we have outgrown our original plan.

Beginning in January of 2020 we will be making two trips every month to bring your purchases from Hollywood, FL. to Cuenca. This was decided when it became apparent that the order volume was too great to accommodate in one trip. We will be posting details and schedules here and on our web site.

The increase in volume has also led to increased transport costs due to the excessive charges for additional baggage imposed by our regular carrier. As a result, we will be adjusting our rates to remain viable. Effective Dec. 1st, our order fee will increase to $25.00 for orders containing 5 to 10 items and to $30 for orders with more than 10 items. Orders of 1 to 4 items will be charged the original $20 fee. Freight rates will not change. As of December we will be changing airlines so please consult our website and this forum for schedules.

In regard to items ordered, please keep in mind that we cannot, by law, bring in any items intended for resale. To do so and be discovered would likely end our operation. Please do not order quantities of more than three of a single item. Customs officers will confiscate your entire order and / or impose a substantial tax penalty.

One final note relating to orders placed in October. Your items were subjected to a double dose of bad luck, beginning with the delaying effect of the transit strike and a surprise policy implemented by our regular airline. Upon arriving to check in my 4 bags (two of which were very large duffel bags), I was informed that individual travelers were limited to only one over sized bag exceeding 80 linear inches. Consequently the second duffel bag had to be returned to our receiving location for delivery on a second trip this month - possibly on November 16. We apologize for this inconvenience but rest assured that you will receive your items before the end of November. Please message for details.

Ordonnez Lasso y Calle del Tomillo.

Brien Clemens: 098 621 9117