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The latest in hyaluronic acid Volite - Dra Domenica Toledo

What is Volite?
Volite is the first injectable hyaluronic acid designed to correct small wrinkles, improve hydration, softness and elasticity of the skin. It works on all skin types. We can improve the appearance of the consequences of smokers and those who suffer from excessive sun exposure suffer from early photoaging.

It is a type of hyaluronic acid that uses the patented Vycross technology: it combines hyaluronic acid of low and high molecular weight, which gives it a long duration and greater structural support.

- Who is Volite recommended for?
To all women and men who want to have a brighter and younger looking skin without fillers and with a completely natural image. The results of Volite are more spectacular the more damaged, dehydrated, tired or aged is the skin.
The great advantage of Volite is that the face looks fresher, more rested, with a brighter expression, but without altering its naturalness or changing its features.

- Where is Volite used?
On the face, this hyaluronic acid is used to correct small wrinkles and expression lines, to improve skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.

It is also applied to the neck and neckline, where fine wrinkles disappear and you get a more juicy and smooth skin.

In the hands, being a thin and constantly punished skin, the results are spectacular. They remain hydrated for six months and the marks and imperfections improve considerably.

- Does Volite fill in wrinkles?
It does not fill in wrinkles although it does improve their appearance, attenuates them and makes them less visible.

- How does it work?
Volite infiltrates sessions of approximately 30 minutes. The treatment is not painful, since the product has lidocaine of slight anesthetic effect that make the procedure totally painless and undetectable.

- Side effects and contraindications of Volite.
In some isolated cases a small edema with redness and pain may occur in the treated area after treatment, but the effects disappear within a few hours. 95% of patients return to their daily and social life the day after treatment. At the moment no contraindications have been found.

- How long do the effects of Volite last?
With a single session of Volite is enough and its effects last in time between six and nine months. After two or three days, a radical change in the quality of the skin begins to be noticed, whether on the face, such as the neck, neckline or hands.

Hospital Universitario del Río. Av. 24 de mayo y Av. de las Américas. Monday to friday from 10 AM to 1 PM / 3 to 7 PM. Saturdays by appointment.

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