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The Great Nanaimo Bar Giveaway

I’m David, and to kick off my business I’ve created the Great Nanaimo Bar Giveaway. What the dickens are Nanaimo Bars? Please go to my Facebook Page: Defy for Life, to find out.
My business is called DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings).

You can go to my Facebook Page: Defy for Life, and learn about who I am and what my mission is.
I’m giving everyone who sends me an email before 4 pm Thursday November 14th two Nanaimo Bars for free, which I’ll delivery with my bike on Saturday the 16th, again, for free.

But wait, that’s not all. When you order the 2 free bars, you get your name in a draw for a slab of Nanaimo Bars (16 bars, approx. value $16). For every 20 names that I get, I’ll add another slab (16 bars) to the draw. For example, if there are 65 names, I’ll put 4 slabs into the draw. 1 for the 1st 20, a 2nd for the next 20, and a 3rd for the next 20, and a 4th for the excess.

So, what do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? Mmmmmm.

But I’m not finished yet. Hehe. When you refer someone else, and they send me an email asking for the 2 free Nanaimo bars, their name goes into the draw, and yours goes in again. So, for example, if you were to refer 10 friends, and they all ordered the free Nanaimo bars, all their names go into the draw, your name goes in 10 more times, and I add another slab of bars to the draw. Now, I’m not saying you should do that (but you could). If you did, your chance of winning a slab of 16 bars would go up big time. You might even win 2. In fact, technically, you could win them all. Woah. Go to my Facebook Page: Defy for Life, for more details.

I just have one small favor to ask. I’m giving you 2 Nanaimo Bars. But they’re not quite the same. One is my Mom’s original recipe (and everyone in Canada who’s tried them says they’re the best!). The other has the same ingredients except ½ the amount of icing in the middle layer. Therefore, the second one is less sweet. I’ve already gotten feedback (mostly from Ecuadorians) that they prefer the less sweet version. The only way for me to know which one you like best is to have you try them both and then let me know.

Now this isn’t obligatory, but if you like one of them, please let me know. Once I have the numbers in, I’ll be able to decide if I should offer the original recipe, the “Ecuadorian” less sweet style, or even both. Only with quality feedback will I know for sure.

To recap, if you order the 2 free Nanaimo Bars before 4 PM Thursday the 14th, I’ll deliver them to you for free. You’ll get your name in a draw for a slab of 16 more. When you refer friends, your odds of winning go up even more. I only ask for your feedback to help me serve you even better.

So, please go to my Facebook Page: Defy for Life, and find out what Nanaimo Bars are (they really are awesome), see the pictures, and check out the testimonials. You’ll see Mike from Mike’s Meats, Jackie from Fabiano’s Pizza, and Bernie and Nancy from Bernan’s all talking about my Nanaimo Bars. Like my Page, post a comment, order your free bars, and enjoy.

Thursday, November 14th at 4 PM. Jesus Arriaga 4-69

David Coote: 096 034 0240